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Chip saw Claudius nod his head and as set some documents down in front of him he got more of the story. Flipping through it with sharp eyes he noted that Fat Cat owned a casino on the far part of town, it wasn't like the one he and Dale had tried to bust, no, this one seemed legit and stable. Fat Cat Stomp | The Evil Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia In Fat Cat's casino That's the place to be Do the Fat Cat Stomp with Big Fat Daddy C Dale: Oh, here's one cat I'd like to see Cheek to cheek, dancin' with me Chip: Come on Fat Cat, it's your turn Fat Cat: The dance floor's hot and I got nine lives to burn! All: So baby stop chompin' Let's start stompin' With Big Fat Daddy C It's as hot as jalapeno Chip's Gamble Chapter 2 Gambled and tried, a chip and dale's rescue rangers fanfic | FanFiction "Um, well, Fat Cat sent me to see that you guys don't delay in the gold. He is a rather impatient cat and time is money, which you guys lose every second wasted here." Chip knew this would go over Mole's head and might frighten him into accepting him without unnecessary questions. "Ohh, well, follow me then.

Chip and Dale do this for "The Fat Cat Stomp". In fact, it can be seen in the full opening for the show. Dale again as "Tootsie" in "S.S. Drainpipe".Too Dumb to Fool: In "One-Upsman-Chip" Dale tries to convince Fat Cat's henchmen to let him go because he has psychic powers by having them think of a...

Gadget: Inventor of the group and love interest of Chip and Dale. Gets kidnapped by Fat Cat. ... This boss sits on top of a casino machine and throws change at you. ... Fat Cat | Chipmunks tunes babies & all-stars's adventures ... Fat Cat is the archenemy of Rescue Rangers. He is a secondary villain of Chip'N' Dale Rescue Rangers: to the Rescue, and the main antagonist of the TV series,Chip'N' Dale Rescue Rangers. His master, Aldrin Klordane is the main antagonist of the pilot. He is a ruthless, criminal mastermind and... Adventures in Squirrelsitting - RangerWiki

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The game lures players into thinking that it’s all over after the rescue of Gadget, but Fat Cat has a surprise in store. He escapes from his casino and makes his way to a hideout, opening up a few more levels before the final showdown. Like DuckTales, Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers was a hit for the NES.

“Yeah, and if we’re not careful Fat Cat’s going to end up with one of those shiny things,” Chip said. “Are you sure it’s for tonight, Monty?” ] Everything Rescue Ranger: Transcripts [